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and demographic study.
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The results will aid in the development of a learning path which will empower and equip churches. Additionally, The resulting report provides detailed community demographic data which informs members regarding the makeup and needs of their surrounding community.

Once registered, you will be provided with a unique link to share with your active membership and staff. Each active member and leader should be encouraged to participate in the survey portion of the assessment, as the accuracy of the data improves as the percentage of participation increases.


The “project manager” will have access to a dashboard, where participation rates can be monitored and your unique report can be downloaded once the open open period has ended. The 30-day open period begins upon registration. The assessment takes only about 20 minutes for each participant to complete.

If you would like to engage our consulting services for further assistance in interpreting the report and exploring the best uses for the data in decision making.

Phone: (800) 377-1780
Email: rbabcock@crossingcapitalgroup.com

Single Congregation Signup at $499 Custom Plans Available

This assessment tool has the capability to help assess multiple congregations with customizable tools to best serve Districts, Conferences, Presbyteries, Diocese, etc. which have several, or many, congregations under its purview and would benefit from the assessment and the insights of a demographic study.

 info@crossingcapitalgroup.com  (800) 377-1780, x800

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